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Thursday, 28 December 2006 03:06

Click on a title to listen to a track on "F O C U S", our latest release. 

 Song Title Song Length  Format 
 1.) Gone 5:45 .mp3
 2.) Omar Little 5:34  .mp3
 3.) Deep Blue G10:24  .mp3
 4.) The Twins 5:34  .mp3
 5.) YRUD only 1 5:39  .mp3
 6.) F O C U S 7:06  .mp3
 7.) Samba Dos Funkeiros 6:01  .mp3
 8.) Valse for Kathy 10:50  .mp3
 9.) My Oh My 5:10  .mp3

Download FREE a version of RLT performing "live" in London, the tune, " My Oh My ".


 ************STRICTLY FOR OLD SCHOOL JAZZ LOVERS*****************************

Listen and download our free 'jazz lounge' material.
Simply double click on the title or right click to 'Save As' to your computer.
And yes....this band can throw down the ole swing tune every once in a while.

 Title Format 
  Alone Together
 Days Of Wine And Roses
 Softly As In The Morning Sunrise
 Stella By Starlight
 Tokyo Blues
 Butterfly  .mp3 
 Blues for Stitt
 Mister Magic
 Poinciana  .mp3 
 Red Baron
 Rivers of Babylon
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